I, Patiparn (Pat) Napombejra, was born in Bangkok, Thailand in 1951 and grew up in New Zealand. I graduated from Nelson College and studied graphic arts at Auckland Technical Institute. I returned to Bangkok, where I worked in the Art Department of Ling-McCann-Erickson, an advertising agency. I later co-founded a small design studio.


In 1979, I moved to the United States and was employed in the publishing business in the San Francisco Bay Area. I later followed the sunny skies to Reno, Nevada, where the outdoors were central to my life. In Reno, I worked as a computer graphics designer for the gaming industry.


Presently, I live in Tucson, Arizona and dedicate myself full-time to painting. 



Camping, hiking, and the outdoors were very much a part of my early schooling life in New Zealand. We learned about the unique flora and fauna of the islands and about the mistakes the early settlers made in disrupting the fragile balance of the land. To be responsible stewards to the natural world was a recurring goal in all of our outdoor adventures.


While I was in art school, my environmental awareness expanded from viewing it as a regional issue to a global one. Events such as the above ground nuclear tests at Mururoa Atoll in the South Pacific and the use of Agent Orange during the Vietnam War in Southeast Asia made me aware of our continuing assaults on nature.


The destructive mark that man leaves on the natural world has been the dominating theme expressed in most of my artwork. I have found that wherever I live, I see the presence of this theme in my everyday life - whether it is as small as litter along the highway, or as great as the issue of global warming.


Always thoughtful, carefully constructed work, based on fundamentals and principles of design.


I have elected to omit a list of accomplishments, numerous boring reviews, and a long-winded biography in order to let the work speak for itself.


If you call any of the work on this site art, then I have succeeded. And if you are not sure that it is art but it caught your attention or struck a chord, again, I have succeeded.


Special thanks to my family and all those who believe in me and in my work and have supported my dreams, especially to my daughter, Maxine, who is my toughest critic.


Thanks to Ken Robinson, one of my most supportive instructors during my years in art school.



Thanks to the gallery owners who took a chance on me by representing my work. And, thanks to all the anonymous buyers who saw something in my work.

Thank you for visiting.



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